Predictive Maintenance

A toolbox representing preventive and predictive maintenance with FTMaintenance.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

It's nearly impossible to anticipate every equipment breakdown, failure, or malfunction, even with a well-planned PM program in place. Not to worry - FTMaintenance's predictive maintenance (PdM) capability allows you to control unplanned downtime based on real-time equipment data. The FTMaintenance Alarm Module actively monitors your equipment for hidden signs that it is wearing out or approaching failure. Once your pre-defined trigger points are reached, FTMaintenance automatically generates predictive, preventive, or corrective maintenance work orders.

  • Monitor conditions such as temperature, pressure, automated meters, and gauge measurements to preempt imminent failure.
  • Leverage condition-based maintenance to reduce unnecessary PM activities.
  • Schedule maintenance activities based on actual usage.
  • Predict maintenance needs before equipment fails.
  • Reduce your maintenance response times in emergency situations.