Upgrade from an Obsolete System

Your Problem

  • Do you keep up with your maintenance work? Do you feel your daily maintenance program is manageable?
  • Do you have a problem with duplicate work being performed? Does your existing process require data to be entered into the system more than once or by more than one person?
  • Do you have good data in your current system?
  • Do you have the need to improve the performance and stability of your other software systems?
  • Are your other software systems very old? Is your software still supported?
  • Do you have a problem with databases becoming corrupt?
  • Do you wish your current system was easier to use?

Our Solution: FTMaintenance will help you upgrade from an obsolete system.

FTMaintenance makes it easy to upgrade from a manual or obsolete software system. Every FTMaintenance purchase includes free startup services to make sure your system is quickly and successfully implemented. In addition, FTMaintenance includes regular software upgrades to ensure you have a long-term future-proof maintenance system.

Support Network

The FTMaintenance Team is committed to your success. All new customers receive a startup service package, product upgrades, unlimited technical support and data importation tools.

  • Free Setup Assistance - An FTMaintenance expert will guide you through starting with FTMaintenance and ensure that it is set up to work best for you and your organization.

  • Free Data Importation Tools - FTMaintenance makes it easy to transfer from your obsolete system by including import templates and an intuitive data import tool.

  • Free User Training - An experienced FTMaintenance trainer will make sure your team knows how to perform their day-to-day maintenance work in FTMaintenance.

  • Free Software Upgrades - FTMaintenance is continually improved to support new operating systems, technologies, and add time-saving features. Our frequent upgrades ensure FTMaintenance will work for your company for years to come.

  • Unlimited Technical Support - The FTMaintenance technical support team is ready and willing to help you with your FTMaintenance questions. Every active customer gets unlimited phone, email, and web assistance.


"Automate Everything" Philosophy

FTMaintenance is designed to make maintenance easy by automating your day-to-day activities. FTMaintenance is continually updated to automate more and more processes and procedures. It is our goal to automate everything.

  • Save time generating and creating work orders

  • Become more efficient at managing maintenance activities

  • Regular releases with new automation features

  • Guaranteed you'll become more productive the longer you use FTMaintenance


Industrial Focus

FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc., is a diversified supplier of industrial automation solutions. FTMaintenance is an industrial-strength maintenance solution designed to be ideal for manufacturers, facilities, utilities, municipalities and light industrial applications.

  • Streamlined work order processes designed for today's industrial maintenance technician

  • Easy-to-build, drag and drop asset tree designed to quickly relocate assets on the fly

  • Leverage the strength of the PLCs running your industrial equipment by automatically creating predictive, preventive or emergency work orders

  • Quick and easy service request tool for an industrial maintenance departments internal and external customers

  • Industrial-strength reporting


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