About Us

FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is located just north of Milwaukee in the picturesque city of Mequon, WI.

Who We Are

FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is a diversified supplier of industrial automation and computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). Focused on solving the challenges unique to manufacturers and other industrial organizations, we have helped more than 20,000 customers worldwide better serve their markets and communities. For over 30 years, our software solutions have empowered industrial plants to go to production faster and to avoid costly downtime.

Our History

FasTrak's PLC programming and maintenance management software products have been used in industrial companies across the globe for over three decades. We were the first company to provide PLC programming software designed for use in a Microsoft Windows© environment. Today, FasTrak's PLC WorkShop continues to maintain support for legacy PLC hardware.

Drawing on this experience in industrial software, we later expanded our product portfolio to include maintenance management (CMMS) software with FTMaintenance. Further helping organizations protect their vital equipment and assets, FTMaintenance CMMS provides a single maintenance management platform, available as a locally-installed or cloud-hosted solution.

Our Culture

FasTrak is located in America's Dairyland, just north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We apply a Midwestern work ethic to the development of products and services designed to exceed customer expectations. Our dedication to working hard, providing practical solutions, and "rolling up our sleeves" helps us drive customers success, regardless of size or industry. FasTrak's experienced computer and electrical engineers enjoy a more than 20-year history of innovative collaboration, and together with our knowledgeable sales and support staff, assist our customers through every stage of the software application lifecycle.

Our Clients

Our innovative products are used in companies of all sizes, from small businesses to corporate enterprises, at the local, state, national, and global level. Our growing client base consists of companies in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, food processing, water and wastewater, power and energy, medical and pharmaceutical, and oil and gas.

Our Commitment to Your Success

FasTrak is committed to the long-term development, service, and support of our industrial automation and maintenance management software products. We have built a sterling reputation by providing unmatched support with an experienced training staff, responsive technical support, and knowledgeable product experts. We deliver individualized customer service, build personal relationships, and give you and your company the special attention you need to protect your critical automation investments.