Make Informed Decisions Based on Shared Information

Siloed software systems result in a number of business challenges. When working from a shared source of information, companies can see major improvements in efficiency across the entire organization. CMMS integration reduces duplicate data entry tasks, automates transitional process workflow steps, and improves the efficiency of your employees. Our CMMS system integration process:

Step 1: Understand Your Systems

Your FTMaintenance consultant(s) will conduct interviews with key individuals at your organization to identify process workflows, analyze current software systems, and document your specifications. We will provide a ballpark estimate for CMMS system integration.

Step 2: Provide Recommendations

Based on the information gathered through interviews, we will provide recommendations for workflows, system customization, data mapping, and synchronization.

Step 3: Define the Scope

With the recommendations provided, you will be able define your FTMaintenance CMMS system integration plan and the scope of our work within your project. We will then provide a final quote.

Step 4: Integrate and Test

We will work with you and any other stakeholders, such as IT, to implement the integration plan with testing throughout.

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Explore Other Professional Services

Our product experts are here to help you maximize the value of your CMMS software by providing valuable services before, during, and after implementation.

Consulting Services

Get the most value from FTMaintenance through consulting. Our consulting process will help you identify workflow improvements, provide recommendations, and implement solutions.


Data Importation Services

Ensure a smooth transition from your current maintenance system to FTMaintenance CMMS. There will be no starting over with your data – we offer data import and entry services.


Report Writing Services

Customize your maintenance reports. Our custom reporting writing service provides you with FTMaintenance reports that contain the exact information you need for tracking KPIs.


Project Management Services

Our project management services can help you successfully deploy FTMaintenance. We will select and oversee delivery of specific implementation services to meet your needs.