Gain Visibility of Maintenance Operations

Use real-time data to monitor productivity

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KPI Dashboard

FTMaintenance CMMS features a self-refreshing dashboard that provides you with key performance indicators (KPI), notifications, and alerts.

  • Analyze up-to-date performance measurements
  • Stay in the loop about work orders that require your attention
  • Quickly respond to threats or problems with your maintenance operation

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Develop a maintenance strategy backed by real maintenance data

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Maintenance Reports

Transform your raw maintenance data into actionable insights. FTMaintenance comes with over 140 built-in CMMS reports, charts, and graphs that cover nearly every aspect of your maintenance program.

  • Monitor maintenance team improvement through performance tracking
  • Analyze data to determine viable maintenance projects
  • Create and modify reports that meet your ever-changing needs

Customize Your Data Views

See only the maintenance reporting software information that is relevant to you

Desktop screenshots showing quick list and equipment query

User-Defined Datasets

FTMaintenance maintenance reporting software allows you to narrow down datasets using powerful search, sort, and query capabilities. With the ability to filter your maintenance data, you can drill down to the exact information you need in an instant.

  • Automatically filter lists and maintenance reports based on user-defined criteria
  • Sort records by name, number, or date to quickly locate information
  • Search by alphanumeric character to instantly find data

Flexible Pricing Plans Available

Choose a plan that’s right for your business.


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Annual SaaS subscription
Simple, work order-focused maintenance management software


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Annual SaaS subscription
Standard CMMS features for maintenance and facility management


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Monthly SaaS subscription
Robust features for advanced maintenance tracking


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Perpetual license
Advanced maintenance tracking combined with license ownership