Get the Most Value Out of Your CMMS

Whether it’s before your software deployment, during FTMaintenance implementation, or after you’ve rolled out FTMaintenance to your staff, CMMS consulting services can help you maximize your investment and achieve your maintenance management goals. Our expert FTMaintenance consultants work with you to help identify the best ways to customize FTMaintenance to your unique business needs. Our CMMS consulting services process:

Step 1: Understand Your Current Maintenance Environment

Your FTMaintenance consultant will conduct interviews with key maintenance management stakeholders to identify your current workflows and processes.

Step 2: Provide Recommendations

After evaluating your current needs, your consultant will identify opportunities for improving your maintenance management practices as well as how to use FTMaintenance to support your goals. As an industry expert, your FTMaintenance consultant will make recommendations for process improvements and create a detailed workflow that will describe how FTMaintenance will be used, including how each user group will interact with the system and what changes will need to be made to your current FTMaintenance system.

Step 3: Implement Solutions

FTMaintenance will be configured or customized to accommodate your new workflows and processes. Your FTMaintenance consultant will work with you to verify that the system is set up properly, required data is being entered, and new procedures are being followed.

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Explore Other Professional Services

Our product experts are here to help you maximize the value of your CMMS software by providing valuable services before, during, and after implementation.


Data Importation Services

Ensure a smooth transition from your current maintenance system to FTMaintenance CMMS. There will be no starting over with your data – we offer data import and entry services.


Report Writing Services

Customize your maintenance reports. Our custom reporting writing service provides you with FTMaintenance reports that contain the exact information you need for tracking KPIs.


Project Management Services

Our project management services can help you successfully deploy FTMaintenance. We will select and oversee delivery of specific implementation services to meet your needs.


System Integration

Software is inefficient in a silo. Improve operational efficiency by sharing information between FTMaintenance CMMS and your other business intelligence software applications.