Infrastructure Asset Management Software

Effective infrastructure maintenance is vital to meeting the demands of today’s communities. Growing populations and increased urbanization put pressure on public works to keep roadways, utilities, and other public assets in optimum working condition. However, aging assets, deferred maintenance, lack of adequate funding, and local politics often force public works to do more with less. Meanwhile, citizen satisfaction, economic growth, and operational efficiency suffer.

FTMaintenance public works maintenance software enriches communities by making it easy to maximize the useful life of public assets. Make the transition from reactive to proactive maintenance by implementing a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan. Store all of your asset data in a single system, so you always know what assets you have, where they are located, and when they have been serviced. Leverage maintenance management reports to make smarter decisions about asset maintenance and management.

FTMaintenance Benefits for Public Works Asset Management

  • Replace outdated, obsolete paper-based tracking systems with a highly automated, modern CMMS solution.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance inspections, adjustments, and part replacements that mitigate the risks of unexpected failure.
  • Visualize your assets and their relationships to one another on an easy-to-use, hierarchical tree.
  • Improve citizen satisfaction by ensuring public assets are kept in good condition and services are delivered without interruption.
  • Reduce the depreciation of public infrastructure through high-quality, proactive maintenance.
  • Leverage mobile work orders that allow workers to access maintenance data when tending to dispersed equipment in the field.
  • Lower maintenance costs by reducing the frequency of unplanned, high-cost repairs.
  • Customize maintenance plans for public assets based on their current condition and age.

Industry Statistics

Savings from preventive maintenance
Decreased equipment downtime
Savings on inventory expenses
Satisfied FTMaintenance Users

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