Store All Asset Data In One Place

With FTMaintenance asset management software, your asset and equipment data is only a click away

Laptop screen showing quick list of job and equipment input fields

Asset and Equipment Tracking

FTMaintenance asset management software simplifies asset tracking by storing all of your asset and equipment information in a single system. Quickly identify what equipment you have, know where assets are located, and automatically track equipment maintenance costs.

  • Organize and track assets in single or multiple locations
  • Provide additional details through attached documents or images
  • View service history to aid in troubleshooting

Visualize Asset Relationships

Organize your company’s assets in an easy-to-use hierarchical tree

Desktop screenshot with enlarged circle of asset tree

Asset Hierarchies

Knowing how your assets relate to one another is critical for asset maintenance. FTMaintenance equipment maintenance software allows you to identify, visualize, and modify the relationships between your assets, equipment, locations, and subassemblies.

  • Create parent-child relationships for your equipment and related components
  • Schedule work orders for an entire group of equipment, instead of individual assets
  • Pinpoint exactly which subcomponents consume the most maintenance resources

Extend Asset Lifecycles

Get the most return from your equipment and assets

Three enlarged circles showing bar graphs over list of assets

Asset Performance

Comprehensive asset reports provide you with information necessary to identify and analyze everyday maintenance problems. FTMaintenance asset management software features an exhaustive list of maintenance reports.

  • Generate over 140 reports to monitor asset health and performance
  • Calculate maintenance costs to justify equipment repair or replacement
  • Identify recurring failures and track maintenance history to predict future breakdowns

Flexible Pricing Plans Available

Choose a plan that’s right for your business.


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Annual SaaS subscription
Simple, work order-focused maintenance management software


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Annual SaaS subscription
Standard CMMS features for maintenance and facility management


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Monthly SaaS subscription
Robust features for advanced maintenance tracking


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Perpetual license
Advanced maintenance tracking combined with license ownership

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