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FTMaintenance is a full featured maintenance management system designed to put you in control of maintenance operations. Offering robust functionality and an easy-to-use interface, FTMaintenance makes it easy for you to organize the resources and materials needed to get the job done.


To stay competitive and profitable, manufacturers must maximize equipment uptime while reducing maintenance costs. FTMaintenance CMMS software is ideal for creating maintenance schedules and coordinating maintenance activities with production.

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Maintenance professionals in charge of the upkeep of facilities need to stay organized in order to provide satisfactory customer service. Whether managing a single building or a multi-site organization, CMMS software gives you the tools you need to keep buildings in peak operating condition.

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Food and Beverage

Health and safety is the top priority for companies in the food and beverage industry. CMMS software is essential for ensuring that maintenance processes and procedures are meeting regulatory requirements. FTMaintenance helps you provide the documentation needed to stay in compliance.

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Power and Energy

Customers rely on around-the-clock service from power and energy service providers. FTMaintenance CMMS is a repository of maintenance information that can be leveraged to prevent future breakdowns and quickly address emergencies, if and when they occur.

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Construction projects place serious demands on heavy machinery and equipment. CMMS software, like FTMaintenance CMMS, helps maximize equipment ROI and extend asset lifecycles by minimizing costly run-to-failure maintenance which becomes quite costly over the duration of a project.

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Mining and Natural Resources

Asset-intensive industries, such as the mining or harvesting of natural resources, rely on the availability of an entire system of equipment in order to be operational. Mining companies use FTMaintenance to schedule and track preventive maintenance that ensures production can continue uninterrupted.

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FTMaintenance CMMS software helps local government standardize and streamline maintenance processes across multiple departments and locations. With robust tracking tools, maintenance request capability, and reporting, local government can ensure maintenance is completed on time and on budget.

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Maintenance teams help provide a safe and stable learning environment for students, teachers, and other staff. CMMS software helps you quickly address maintenance requests, improve facility conditions through routine maintenance, and manage multiple buildings with mobile work orders.

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Oil and Gas

Equipment uptime is essential for the production of oil and gas. FTMaintenance CMMS makes it easy to manage maintenance on and ensure availability of your most vital oil and gas assets.

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Property Management

Ongoing maintenance is one of the more important aspects of property management. FTMaintenance CMMS makes it easy to stay on top of maintenance requests and ensure availability of your most valuable assets.

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Water and Wastewater

In the water and wastewater industry, ensuring municipalities have potable water is paramount. FTMaintenance CMMS makes it easy to manage requests for maintenance on equipment and structures and to schedule crucial preventive maintenance work.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers must adhere to strict federal regulations, as well as warrant the safety of their products to consumers. FTMaintenance software for pharmaceuticals provides drug manufacturers with more control over their maintenance processes.

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In the hospitality industry, the guest’s experience is everything. Guests expect hotel accommodations to be equal to or better than the comforts of home. FTMaintenance hotel maintenance software allows you to quickly address maintenance needs, keeping guests safe, comfortable, and happy.

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