Customize Your CMMS Software

Reap the benefits of a customizable CMMS with FasTrak’s uniquely valuable FTMaintenance CMMS custom development services. With over 30 years of software development experience, we have established a world-class software development process and a reputation for quality and service that ensures projects are completed correctly to meet existing requirements, as well as future needs. Our custom development service:

Step 1: Understand Your Requirements

Your FTMaintenance consultant(s) will conduct interviews with key individuals at your organization to identify process workflows and analyze your current processes and desired functionality.

Step 2: Provide Preliminary Specification

Based on information gathered through interviews, we will provide a high level specification of your required functionality. This specification will be reviewed and revised by you as needed. We will provide a ballpark proposal.

Step 3: Provide Detailed Specification

We will provide a more detailed specification of your desired functionality and preliminary user interface (UI) mockups. The detailed specification and UI mockups will be reviewed with you and revised as necessary. We will then provide a firm proposal.

Step 4: Development and Testing

Once purchased, development will begin. Final UI mockups will be created and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback. Coding will be completed. Automated and manual testing will be performed to ensure the functionality works as designed and meets the specification.

Step 5: Delivery

Your organization’s version of FTMaintenance will be updated and a demonstration will be performed to show the new functionality. Your newly optimized CMMS will be ready for use.

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Explore Other Professional Services

Our product experts are here to help you maximize the value of your CMMS software by providing valuable services before, during, and after implementation.

Consulting Services

Get the most value from FTMaintenance through consulting. Our consulting process will help you identify workflow improvements, provide recommendations, and implement solutions.


Data Importation Services

Ensure a smooth transition from your current maintenance system to FTMaintenance CMMS. There will be no starting over with your data – we offer data import and entry services.


Report Writing Services

Customize your maintenance reports. Our custom reporting writing service provides you with FTMaintenance reports that contain the exact information you need for tracking KPIs.


System Integration

Software is inefficient in a silo. Improve operational efficiency by sharing information between FTMaintenance CMMS and your other business intelligence software applications.