Oil and Gas Maintenance Software

The oil and gas industry affects nearly every aspect of our lives, from the global economy, to energy needs, to daily comforts. With a high demand for oil and gas products and fierce global competition, profitability is usually a matter of how well an organization optimizes its use of revenue-generating assets. However, these assets are highly specialized, highly regulated, and spread out over land and sea.

FTMaintenance CMMS software for the oil and gas industry keeps operations running smoothly by providing organizations with relevant, accurate, and timely maintenance information. Identify oil and gas assets by implementing a standardized asset naming convention. Quickly respond to maintenance needs by knowing an asset’s location, condition, service history, and other key information. Use robust preventive maintenance (PM) features to automatically schedule and manage a high volume of work orders. Track maintenance events triggered by condition monitoring and alarms.

FTMaintenance Benefits for Oil and Gas Asset Management

  • Stay in production without the threat of downtime by developing a well-planned proactive maintenance plan.
  • Meet regulatory and compliance standards by providing access to safety manuals, procedural guides, and other documentation that helps meet requirements set by OSHA, EPA, BLM, OCS, and other regulatory organizations.
  • Manage assets from a centralized system and ensure that all employees have access to comprehensive, accurate asset information.
  • Maximize asset performance and increase uptime by eliminating outstanding and overdue work orders.


  • Protect employees and assets by standardizing maintenance activities and providing detailed, step-by-step maintenance checklists.
  • Ensure maintenance is done on time by automating preventive maintenance work order scheduling, distribution, and notification.
  • Access maintenance data onshore and offshore through internet-connected mobile devices.

Industry Statistics

Savings from preventive maintenance
Decreased equipment downtime
Savings on inventory expenses
Satisfied FTMaintenance Users

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