Mining Asset Management Software

In highly competitive industries such as mining and natural resources, efficient and effective maintenance drives success. However, maintaining mining assets is no easy task. Assets are highly complex and interconnected, and equipment undergoes incredible stress and regularly breaks down. When performing maintenance, organizations must be mindful of the environmental impact of maintenance activities, which utilize oils, acidic liquids, and other harmful waste. Most importantly, maintenance operations must guarantee the safety of maintenance staff and equipment operators by ensuring assets can stand up to the harsh conditions of the job.

FTMaintenance mine maintenance software maximizes the useful life of large capital assets while minimizing risks to people and nature. Use robust preventive maintenance planning and scheduling features to track routine equipment inspections, lubrications of moving parts, and regular cleanings. Schedule maintenance work based on predictive maintenance (PdM) sensors to ensure that the required parts and repair specialists are available. Leverage a digital library of maintenance documentation that allows on-site technicians to access warranty information, equipment manuals, and other critical maintenance documents.

FTMaintenance Benefits for Mine Maintenance Management

  • Avoid catastrophes and mitigate risks caused by the operation of faulty machinery.
  • Minimize environmental impact by providing instructions for waste management and pollution control.
  • Reduce unplanned downtime that can bring operations to a halt by performing preventive maintenance on critical machines.
  • Extend asset life by creating a master preventive maintenance schedule for heavy equipment.
  • Make maintenance activities more efficient by automatically generating work orders that include details about what parts, procedures, and tools are needed.
  • Protect your workforce by documenting standard safety procedures, attaching important safety documentation, and tracking employee certifications in the CMMS.

Industry Statistics

Savings from preventive maintenance
Decreased equipment downtime
Savings on inventory expenses
Satisfied FTMaintenance Users