We Help Our Customers Overcome Their Maintenance Management Challenges

After 30+ years in business, we’ve learned that unique maintenance management challenges require unique solutions. With FTMaintenance, you get more than a powerful CMMS. You also get our experience and industry expertise, along with a set of services and support that ensure your success.

Full Suite of Features

FTMaintenance CMMS is a full suite of tools for maintenance management: work order management, asset and equipment management, inventory management, preventive and corrective maintenance, purchasing, maintenance reporting, maintenance requests, and mobile accessibility. Other CMMS vendors may not have all the functionality you need, may require that you purchase their software piece by piece, or may charge a premium for certain features.

Easy-to-Use Maintenance Software

FTMaintenance CMMS has an easy-to-use interface that allows new users to get familiar with the system quickly. With over 20,000 customers, we have found that maintenance technicians, maintenance managers, requesters, and other users are able to confidently use FTMaintenance with minimal training. Customers coming to us from other CMMS systems often report that FTMaintenance is more straightforward and easier to use than their previous solutions.

Flexible Pricing Structure

FTMaintenance user licensing allows you to cost-effectively scale your software as your company grows.

Value-Added Services

Simplifying maintenance management is about more than just purchasing a piece of software. We help drive customer success by providing value-added services such as CMMS implementation, CMMS software training, and ongoing support. Additionally, we offer an array of CMMS professional services, such as consulting, to help you through FTMaintenance implementation and beyond. Unlike other CMMS vendors, we do not outsource our training or software development projects. All services are provided by members of our in-house team of experts, who have a deep understanding of FTMaintenance.

Our Experience and Expertise

For over 30 years, we have helped over 20,000 customers worldwide solve their unique business challenges. We believe that our success stems from our holistic approach to software development and customer service. Our highly qualified, in-house team of software engineers and consultants works hand-in-hand with other business groups throughout the company to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations and help organizations, like yours, fully utilize FTMaintenance.

Implementation Services and Ongoing Support

Your success is our #1 goal. With FTMaintenance, there is no need to purchase a premium support package. New customers receive a set of CMMS implementation services, designed to get you up and running with FTMaintenance as soon as possible, absolutely free. Your FTMaintenance purchase also includes unlimited CMMS customer support and free product upgrades.