Construction Asset Management Software

Successful construction projects require that vehicles, heavy machinery, and tools are available and operating at maximum efficiency. Without a CMMS system to help schedule maintenance and coordinate resources, you are in danger of extended equipment downtime, catastrophic failures, and missed deadlines. FTMaintenance construction asset management software makes it easy to organize maintenance activities so that projects are completed on time.

How FTMaintenance Helps the Construction Industry

  • Reduce maintenance costs associated with run-to-failure strategies by implementing an effective preventive maintenance program.
  • Track equipment, sub-systems, and subassemblies and visualize their relationships on a hierarchical asset tree.
  • Increase equipment ROI and extend asset life by performing maintenance according to manufacturer maintenance guidelines.
  • Reduce excessive downtime by scheduling maintenance when machines and parts are available.
  • Avoid government fines and liability by documenting exactly what was done, when it was completed, and by whom.
  • Monitor asset health and equipment KPIs using over 140 built-in maintenance reports.

Industry Statistics

Savings from preventive maintenance
Decreased equipment downtime
Savings on inventory expenses
Satisfied FTMaintenance Users