Construction Asset Management Software

Organizations invest hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in construction equipment and vehicles used in business and public service. Due to their highly specialized design and application, maintenance and repairs are very costly. When breakdowns occur, assets are removed from service while construction comes to a halt, all the while leaving operators sitting idle. Unexpected failures can injure operators and bystanders, or cause damage to other machines, buildings, and property. Therefore, preventive maintenance is a priority in the construction industry.

FTMaintenance construction maintenance software provides a single platform for implementing an automated preventive maintenance program for construction assets. With a CMMS like FTMaintenance, you can define, assign, and schedule preventive maintenance tasks. Automatic work order generation and notification ensures that employees know about upcoming preventive maintenance, ensuring work orders don’t fall through the cracks.

FTMaintenance Benefits for Heavy Equipment Maintenance

  • Reduce maintenance costs associated with run-to-failure maintenance strategies by implementing an effective preventive maintenance program.
  • Track important asset information such as location, specification, current condition, and maintenance costs.
  • Increase equipment ROI and extend asset life by performing maintenance according to manufacturer maintenance guidelines.
  • Reduce excessive downtime by scheduling maintenance when machines and parts are available.
  • Avoid government fines and liability by documenting exactly what was done, when it was completed, and by whom.
  • Monitor asset health and equipment KPIs using built-in maintenance reports.

Industry Statistics

Savings from preventive maintenance
Decreased equipment downtime
Savings on inventory expenses
Satisfied FTMaintenance Users

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