Automate Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

Generate the right PM work orders at the right time

Laptop screen showing detailed schedule

Preventive Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Manually generating work orders for recurring tasks creates unnecessary administrative work and pulls you away from more important things. FTMaintenance preventive maintenance software allows you to automatically create PM work orders on the schedule of your choosing.

  • Schedule PMs based on calendar date, run time, or when maintenance was last performed
  • Associate tasks and parts with varying frequencies using the same PM template
  • Eliminate redundant data entry with multi-equipment work orders

Generate PM Checklists

Ensure preventive maintenance is performed the same way every time

tablet-PM work order- to do list

Preventive Maintenance Task Lists

Maintenance history is more reliable when jobs are performed consistently. With FTMaintenance preventive maintenance tracking software, you can create procedures that leave little room for error or confusion.

  • Create a master list of tasks that can be used again and again
  • Update a PM task and have the change applied to all associated PM work orders
  • Maintain consistency by providing technicians with step-by-step instructions

Maintain Full Visibility of the Maintenance Schedule

Get a bird’s-eye-view of your current and future maintenance activities

desktop screenshots showing schedules

Maintenance Calendar

FTMaintenance is an effective preventive maintenance management software that allows you to balance the workload on a customizable maintenance calendar.

  • Get a snapshot of preventive maintenance jobs on a color-coded calendar
  • Easily reassign and reschedule PM work orders
  • Share the maintenance schedule with other departments to plan PMs around equipment availability

Flexible Pricing Plans Available

Choose a plan that’s right for your business.


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Annual SaaS subscription
Simple, work order-focused maintenance management software


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Annual SaaS subscription
Standard CMMS features for maintenance and facility management


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Monthly SaaS subscription
Robust features for advanced maintenance tracking


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Perpetual license
Advanced maintenance tracking combined with license ownership

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