Healthcare Asset Management Software

Healthcare facilities must operate 24/7 without exception. The maintenance team is under immense pressure to ensure that healthcare facilities are able to provide high-quality patient care; protect staff, patients, and visitors; and ensure the facility is prepared for emergencies. All of this must be done while staying in compliance with multiple, frequently changing guidelines and legal requirements. To add to this pressure, hospital administrators and executives apply extra pressure to lower operating costs.

FTMaintenance healthcare asset management software empowers you to be more proactive about hospital and healthcare facility maintenance. Robust preventive maintenance features make it easy to schedule, manage, and track maintenance on healthcare equipment and facilities. Checklists allow you to standardize maintenance procedures, ensuring that work is performed to code. Maintenance reports help you identify problem areas in your operations so that you can implement changes to manage and reduce overhead costs.

FTMaintenance Benefits for Hospital Facility Maintenance

  • Improve patient satisfaction by ensuring that premises are clean, safe, and secure.
  • Become more proactive by implementing preventive maintenance programs that lessen the likelihood of asset failure.
  • Optimize energy consumption by keeping assets and building systems in peak operating condition.
  • Meet regulatory requirements by documenting maintenance procedures needed to maintain compliance with standards set by the Joint Commission, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies.
  • Stay informed about maintenance needs across the organization by allowing staff to submit work requests directly to the maintenance team.
  • Prepare for emergencies by performing regular inspections of primary and redundant critical systems.
  • Provide access to your CMMS from mobile devices to keep technicians productive as they move from place to place.

Industry Statistics

Savings from preventive maintenance
Decreased equipment downtime
Savings on inventory expenses
Satisfied FTMaintenance Users

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