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FTMaintenance asset management software helps you effectively manage all the equipment and assets in your organization, regardless of size or industry. Robust asset tracking tools help you visualize asset relationships, track and manage asset lifecycles, and control equipment repair costs.


FTMaintenance Equipment Module - Equipment Tab

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Asset and Equipment Tracking

FTMaintenance asset management software simplifies asset tracking by storing all of your asset and equipment information in one spot. Easy access to equipment information helps you quickly identify what equipment you have, know where assets are located, and track equipment maintenance costs.

  • Organize and track assets in a single or multiple locations.
  • Access key equipment information via attachments anytime, anywhere.
  • Leverage maintenance history to make smarter decisions.



Asset Hierarchies

The information-rich Asset Tree allows you to identify, visualize, and modify the relationship between assets. With a bird's-eye-view of all the assets in your organization, you can quickly identify your eqiupment's location, subassemblies, and more.

  • Easily create parent-child relationships for your equipment and related components.
  • Drag-and-drop capability allows you to easily add or relocate customers and equipment.
  • Track deployment history and bill of materials (BOM) directly from the Asset Tree.
FTMaintenance Asset Tree

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FTMaintenance Service Request: Request Service page

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Asset Performance

Comprehensive asset information provides you with the necessary information to identify and analyze everyday maintenance problems. FTMaintenance asset tracking software features an exhaustive list of reports that help you optimize your maintenance program to minimize equipment maintenance costs.

  • Leverage over 140 built-in reports to help you make smarter decisions.
  • Monitor asset performance and related maintenance costs to justify equipment repair or replacement.
  • Identify reoccurring failures and track maintenance history to help predict future breakdowns.

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