Data Importation

FasTrak's data importation services and tools reduce data entry, preserve the integrity of your asset, purchasing, and maintenance data, and offer a smooth and well-planned transition to FTMaintenance.

Data Importation

Data importation services are provided by FasTrak consultants who understand the value of your accumulated maintenance data. Our consultants will begin by reviewing your existing data, whether it's in another system, a spreadsheet, or database. They will then provide a data mapping plan pinpointing any potential issues. Our consultants will work with you to make any necessary revisions to the data mapping plan. After your final approval, the data will be imported according to the plan that has been agreed upon. During this process, our consultants will identify potentially obsolete data, customize field names to match your company-specific terminology, and make recommendations for any other system customization that might be of value to you.

Data Importation Toolkit

FasTrak's data importation templates and tools make importing your own data easy. Our data importation templates allow you to organize your equipment, inventory, and other data before importing. Use our data importation tools to quickly and easily map your data into the correct fields within FTMaintenance.

Data Entry

If data importation is not an option, FasTrak can provide assistance with data entry to speed the use of your new FTMaintenance system.