Organize Maintenance Across Multiple Locations

Your Problem

  • Do you need a better way for your plants to communicate with each other?
  • Are you able to share inventory between plants?
  • Will your current system accommodate any future growth?
  • Are all your locations using the same system?
  • Are you able to compare apples to apples when tracking data across locations?
  • Does corporate need to access data at the plant level?

Our Solution: FTMaintenance will help you organize maintenance across multiple locations.

FTMaintenance allows maintenance teams to easily share information between systems to accommodate multiple facilities, stockrooms or other locations. Using FTMaintenance at multiple locations creates a competitive advantage due to increased consistency and scalability.

Simple and Flexible

Simple and Flexible

FTMaintenance allows you to easily manage your company’s assets, inventory, and maintenance personnel across all the plants and facilities of your organization. FTMaintenance's M-Site client eliminates the need for complicated IT solutions and ensures that each employee can access the information that's important to them.

  • Easily move and work with multiple locations
  • Monitor assets across your entire organization
  • Scale FTMaintenance to accommodate company growth

Work Across Locations

Work Across Locations

FTMaintenance allows you to easily distribute maintenance work to the plants and locations of your choosing.

  • Easily assign maintenance activities to employees in remote locations
  • Automatically print work orders to other locations
  • Consistently communicate maintenance work throughout the entire organization
  • Work with FTMaintenance anytime, anywhere through our mobility solutions

Easily Manage Multiple Stockrooms

Parts Adjustment

FTMaintenance's multiple stockroom support allows for distributed storage of critical parts at large locations. Easy visibility into the stock of each storage location ensure minimal downtime and facilitates inventory sharing.

  • Easily identify the specific location of parts within multiple stockrooms
  • Share access to your inventory with other locations
  • Save on inventory expenses by having more accurate counts


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