FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is pleased to announce the release FTMaintenance Select v1.1.3.1, which incorporates the following:


  • Work Order Management
    • Mark a work order as complete
    • Automatically enter a work order completion date and time when the work order is marked as complete
    • View completed work orders


  • The “Go Back” on a service request’s edit page now works as expected.
  • Runtime unit information can be entered during the creation of an equipment record.
  • Previously uploaded record attachments now retain their original date and time stamp when new attachments are added.
  • The inventory name now loads properly when using the “Next” button during the creation of an inventory group and inventory item.
  • Manufacturer contact information (i.e., email address, phone, address) are no longer deleted when creating a manufacturer record from an asset record (via quick create).
  • Location data now displays correctly when creating or editing an equipment record.
  • Special characters (i.e., parenthesis) can now be used in a customer’s Phone field.
  • Capital letters can now be used in a customer’s Email Address field.
  • Locations can now be removed from inventory items.
  • Warning messages regarding invalid field data are reset when cancelling the addition of or edit of a location.
  • Data can now be entered in the Meter Type and Unit fields of a meter reading record.
  • Non-numerical data is no longer erroneously entered in the Quantity Allocated field on the work order Tool field.
  • The system now notifies users when character limits are exceeded for an inventory item’s Number field.
  • Clicking the linked work order number of a closed work order displays the associated work order history record.
  • Inventory item details can now be accessed from a transaction history record.
  • Transaction history data now displays properly.
  • Locations records now properly load when creating or editing a stockroom record.
  • Attachments can now be deleted from service requests.
  • The correct dialog box now appears when editing a vendor from an asset record.
  • Activated notifications remain active after notification event information is changed.
  • A service request’s Required Date field now displays the correct time.
  • The Update button on an asset record now works as expected.

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