FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. is pleased to announce the release FTMaintenance Select v3.29.0.0, which incorporates the following:


  • General
    • Added the ability to view and manage Asset Categories and Labor Crafts from the main menu.
  • Asset Management
    • Added the ability to navigate to an Asset record’s details from a Customer record.
  • Work Order Management
    • Redesigned the Work Order details page for improved usability.
    • Optimized the Work Order creation and update flow for creating multiple Work Orders in quick succession.
    • Added the ability to configure default Task Result settings from the Task list.
    • Added the ability to assign a Labor Resource to a Work Order from the All Work Orders page.
    • Updated default color coding for the Work Order Type field values.
    • Added jump links to specific Work Order tabs from the Summary view.
    • Optimized the new Work Order creation process.
    • Unified the creation process for Work Orders and Master Work Orders.
    • Added Priority-based color coding to the All Work Orders page.
    • Improved the functionality of the “Back” link on the Work Order details page.
  • User Management
    • Added support for Arabic Standard Time.
    • Improved support for strong password requirements.


  • Inventory Management
    • Improved the visibility of Quantity on Hand information when viewing the Inventory Item catalog.
    • Improved the operation of Pull transactions.
    • Minor defect fixes and improvements to Inventory functionality.
  • Reporting
    • Improve the visibility of Location and Quantity on Hand information within the Inventory Listing report.
  • Purchasing
    • Minor defect fixes and improvements to Purchasing functionality.
  • Work Order Management
    • Minor defect fixes and improvements to Work Order functionality.

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