• Automatic email notification when inventory reaches its reorder point.
  • An entire Bill of Materials can now be selected when adding parts to a work order in the DM (Demand Maintenance) and the PM (Preventive Maintenance) Work Order modules.
  • Additional descriptive information can now be associated to cost centers in the Cost Center Manager.
  • Added a new Request for Quotation form that is accessible from the Reports menu and the Purchasing Module context menu.
  • Added query options to the Inventory Purchases Report by Part Name and the Inventory Purchases Report by Part Number.
  • Added a query option to the Purchasing module so that records that are not yet approved can be easily identified.


  • Improvements made to the Import utility.
  • Improved accessibility to the online help file when accessing FTMaintenance using the Multi-Site client.
  • Changed DM Overdue Work Orders Report to be more consistent with other reports.
  • Corrected the calculation of total taxes on the Purchase Order form.
  • Improved display of unit costs on the Inventory Purchases Report by Part No.
  • Added Runtime Cycle as a valid query option to several reports.
  • Standardized the Service Request Column to be more consistent across all work order modules.
  • Improved operation of the following buttons: PM History Refresh and Start Labor.
  • Improvements made to the following reports:
    • Purchase Order Form (USERPO.rpt)
    • Inventory Activity Report (INVENTACT.rpt)
    • Parts Used on Equipment – DM (INVWUDM.rpt)
    • Parts Used on Equipment – PM (INVWUPM.rpt)
    • DM Alarm History (ALARMDM.rpt)
    • PM Alarm History (ALARMPM.rpt)
    • DM Active Work Order Form (USERDMA.rpt)
    • DM History Work Order Form (USERDMH.rpt)
    • PM History Work Order Form (USERPMH.rpt)
    • Equipment Cost and Deployment History (DEPLOYMENT-HISTORY.rpt)
  • Improvements made to the Alarm Module and the Service Request Module.
  • Corrected an issue involving the printing of multiple attachment records.
  • Corrected an issue regarding resizing of the Quick Screen.
  • Improvements made to the Purchasing Module and the Employee Module.
  • Corrected an issue regarding the display of some PDF attachments.

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