Features in FTMaintenance

  • Russian language is now supported.
  • Arabic language is now supported.
  • Database has been updated to DB06.
  • A new Receiving List Barcode report, RecvListBC.rpt, has been added.
  • The Barcode report BIN5262BC.rpt has been updated to improve formatting.

Features in ProLink

  • ProLink III requires database version DB05 or higher.
  • Drop downs were added so that you can select Equipment and the Requester from a drop down list.
  • You can now view DM Active work orders from the Requester page.
  • Improvements have been made to the screen layout.
  • The word Reject has been replaced with Decline.
  • Enhanced security features were added.

Solutions in Inventory

  • The Quantity Allocated field has been updated.

Solutions in PM Master

  • Activated work orders are no longer queued for delivery to mobile with no employee if an employee is selected in the Mobile tab and then deleted.

Solutions in Receiving

  • Receiving History has been improved to properly handle incomplete shipments of multiple POs.

Solutions in Reorder List

  • Creating a requisition no longer causes an error when selecting the same vendor name sequentially from the list.


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