• User security has been improved in Enterprise, Professional, and Expert editions.
  • Functionality of the Field Name Utility has been extended for Professional and Expert editions.
  • The FTMaintenance Service Request Module has been released for all FTMaintenance editions.
  • Work orders attached to e-mails are now sent as PDFs.
  • The Default Vendor tab is now available in all FTMaintenance editions.
  • Grid item selection has been improved throughout FTMaintenance.


  • Vendor and customer information displayed in the Equipment tab is now properly retained when attempting to add, modify, or delete a category.
  • The Supervisor can now be set in the Employee module correctly.
  • MSite Site Config now displays the appropriate list of database types.
  • Copy functionality for the Inventory module has been improved.
  • An access violation error no longer appears when attempting to add a record after viewing the Employee, Equipment, or Inventory modules.
  • PM work order Quick Close no longer results in an error.
  • Cost Center Material totals are now reported correctly in the Cost Center Manager.
  • Attempting to print a DM Active report using a read-only login no longer results in an error.
  • Customer information is now updated properly within the Equipment tab while in the Equipment module.
  • Inventory record copied from within a stockroom other than ‘MAIN’ now correctly copies all fields.
  • The PM Active Work Order report has been improved to display all information correctly.
  • The PM Master Auto-Activate, Auto-Print, and Print Attachments check boxes now function correctly.
  • Groups with limited access rights are no longer given an error message upon login.
  • DM Work Order printouts that were generated from an auto-print in the Service Request Module no longer display hidden fields.
  • Work Order settings in Group Rights are no longer displayed inaccurately.
  • Msite now uses the correct authentication mode specified in Site Config.
  • The Assign To field in DM Active, DM History, and DM Archive are now properly enabled in the Expert edition.
  • PM History and DM History Archive reports are now available in the Expert edition.
  • An error message no longer appears when attempting to add a user or change a password in Group Rights when the password contains special characters.

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