• Added ability to flexibly define required fields. Over 200 fields can now be required as part of a standard FTMaintenance work process. This release includes the ability to require fields for the work processes of:
    • Adding inventory records
    • Adding equipment records
    • Adding a vendor
    • Creating a work order
    • Closing a work order
  • Upgraded import utility with new time saving features.
    • Import data into 7 FTMaintenance modules & over 140 fields
    • Import data into free-form description fields
    • Import option for automatic data truncation
    • Automatic association of inventory with vendors
    • Automatic association of equipment with vendors and/or customers
    • Automatic association of labor codes with employees
    • Automatic association of labor codes with tasks
  • Upgraded FTMaintenance module queries.
    • Expanded FTMaintenance queries to include over 50 additional fields.
    • Added support for cross-module querying.
    • Added intelligent date range querying to all FTMaintenance modules.
  • Added support for new technology standards.
    • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008.
    • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
    • Support for Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.
  • Work order labor entry for assigned labor resources can now be completed from the work order Quick List.
  • Barcode reports now available for sheet and roll style label printers.
  • Added the ability to selectively upgrade the Backup and Restore utilities.
  • Improved evaluation CD installation process.
  • Improved drop-down field operations.


  • Added ability to edit receiving module queries.
  • Improved installation procedures.
  • Reformatted reports for consistency and utility.
  • Improved dashboard report capabilities.
  • Corrected display of work order hours in the work order Quick List.
  • Improved check box operations in the report rights module.
  • Resolved conflicts between the FTMaintenance Alarm and FTMaintenance Service Request modules.
  • Improved backup and restore utilities.
  • Improved support for Windows users in the FTMaintenance Service Request module.

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