• FTMaintenance demo is easier to install.
  • Added new reporting menu and querying options for barcode reports.
  • Expanded ability to flexibly define required fields. This release includes the ability to require fields for the work processes of:
    • Creating a requisition
    • Creating a purchase order
    • Performing an inventory transaction
    • Adding employee records
    • Adding customer records
  • Added ability to enforce required fields from the import utility.
  • Added tab indicators for tabs with required fields.
  • Added ability to restrict description tab changes.


  • Improved layout of barcode reports to eliminate barcode length issues.
  • Corrected operation of “Date Installed” queries.
  • Improved operation of required fields feature.
  • Improved work order auto print options.
  • Improved design of several work order reports.
  • Improved functionality of drop-down lists.
  • Improved the Transaction History report.
  • Restored work order quick close functionality.
  • Restored work order equipment selection functionality.
  • Improved operation of labor assignments to multiple task work orders.
  • Improved Mobile Module tab operation within FTMaintenance.
  • Improved ability of the field name utility to retain required field settings.
  • Improved flexibility in entering quantity on hand for new inventory records.
  • Improved demand maintenance work order deletion functionality.

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