• Response time when using Terminal Services has been improved.
  • Password management has been enhanced.
    • Users are able to change their own passwords.
    • Support has been added for password changes required by security policies.
    • A separate password required by the Employee module has been eliminated.
  • New reports have been added for inventory activities and part usage history.
  • Support has been added for fully qualified domain names.
  • Automatic time calculation and recording of work order labor has been added.
    • Users can click Start and Stop Labor buttons instead of manually entering time.
    • History of recorded labor is kept in labor logs.
    • User security option has been added to add, modify, and delete labor logs.
  • Multi-cycle scheduling has been enhanced.
  • Automatic assignment of cost center to work orders (using default cost center of first equipment assigned) has been added.


  • Operation of the task column within the DM Active module has been improved.
  • Operation of the Equipment Name field has been improved.
  • Operation of the Import Utility menu option has been improved.
  • Validation of Inventory records has been improved.
  • Additional user settings and data are maintained after an upgrade to a new version of FTMaintenance.
  • Initial sorting of data in columns in the Quick List is restored after launch of FTMaintenance.
  • Validation of Equipment records has been improved.
  • Validation of Labor records has been improved.
  • Unnecessary warnings when using the Scheduling module have been eliminated.
  • Ability to use non-stock items on a requisition has been restored.
  • Display of the Equipment field in DM Active records has been improved.
  • Time required to generate reports has been reduced.
  • Unnecessary error messages in various modules have been eliminated.
  • Operation of the Description field on the Causes tab of DM Active records has been improved.

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