Training Classes

Accelerate your maintenance team's efficiency with FTMaintenance training. FTMaintenance training classes help you quickly
start using your new maintenance system, improve new employee productivity, and increase your return by identifying new ways
FTMaintenance can improve your maintenance management practices.

Contact your FTMaintenance Sales Consultant to purchase and schedule training for your team.

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Power User Training

Course Description: This two-day course is designed for your FTMaintenance implementation and administration team who will determine your company's processes, usage, and implementation goals. It combines all the topics included in Basic User Training with advanced topics.

During a Power User  class, participants will fully test and verify the workflows and administrative processes that will be put in place with FTMaintenance.Participants will also learn:

  • Implementation best practices
  • Train-the-trainer techniques for FTMaintenance
  • Strategies for creating training and adoption tools
  • Guidelines for configuring administrator capabilities
  • Options for advanced usage

Who Should Attend: Managers and supervisors on your team tasked with implementation, administration, and training for FTMaintenance. This may include Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Managers, System Administrators, and anyone who will be advising others on how to use FTMaintenance.

Basic User Training

Course Description: This one-day course is designed for Maintenance Technicians who will use FTMaintenance to log daily activities and manage workflow. Your team will receive hands-on training that includes in-depth instruction on the fundamentals and explores key functionality through instructor-led exercises.

A Basic User class will ensure users are able to find the information they need to do their jobs and enter the information needed to make FTMaintenance the most useful for your organization. During Basic User Training, participants will learn:

  • General navigation
  • Data entry techniques
  • Standard report generation
  • How to perform daily tasks related to:
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Demand (emergency) maintenance
    • Inventory tracking
    • Purchasing

Who Should Attend: Maintenance Technicians who use FTMaintenance for managing and logging daily activities.