Sawmill Maintenance Software

Modern sawmills rely on a range of high-powered assets to transport, sort, move, cut, and transform felled trees into usable wood products. If one piece of equipment breaks down, the entire wood processing operation could be delayed or shut down. Further, production equipment contains sharp, spinning blades; produces sawdust and other byproducts; and generates high heat – creating an environment full of hazards.  Therefore, it is critical for sawmills to pay close attention to the operation’s maintenance needs to prevent downtime and injury.

FTMaintenance lumber manufacturing maintenance software extends equipment life by allowing you to implement a proactive maintenance strategy. Powerful preventive maintenance features enable you to create a preventive maintenance schedule for critical assets that include routine inspections and daily equipment checks. The CMMS can also be used to track maintenance needs derived from condition-monitoring sensors, allowing you to coordinate the required maintenance resources beforehand. Digital file attachments provide technicians with access to important maintenance documentation within seconds, improving productivity.

FTMaintenance Benefits for Wood Product Manufacturers

  • Protect employees from workplace hazards by documenting standard operating procedures, providing access to safety documentation, and tracking employee certifications in the CMMS.
  • Improve maintenance effectiveness transitioning from a reactive mindset to a proactive maintenance strategy.
  • Reduce asset downtime by creating fully-detailed work orders that give technicians all the information they need to prepare for upcoming jobs.
  • Maintain full visibility of maintenance operations by organizing and tracking maintenance activities in a single system.
  • Decrease maintenance costs by reducing unplanned repairs or unnecessary maintenance activities.
  • Make better maintenance management decisions by keeping detailed records about service that has been performed.
  • Increase plant safety by performing preventive maintenance that ensures equipment works as expected.
  • Improve the quality of maintenance work by standardizing procedures with step-by-step instructions.
  • Make maintenance a team effort by assigning simple PM tasks to operators, freeing up the maintenance team to work on more complex repairs.

Industry Statistics

Savings from preventive maintenance
Decreased equipment downtime
Savings on inventory expenses
Satisfied FTMaintenance Users