Preventive Maintenance


With FTMaintenance preventive maintenance software, you'll help your team work smarter, not harder. Instead of putting out fires, your team will be able to proactively address repairs, helping you increase equipment reliability and reduce the occurrence of emergencies.


FTMaintenance Automatic Notification and Scheduling Options

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Preventive Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

FTMaintenance preventive maintenance software significantly reduces the time needed for maintenance planning and scheduling. Flexible scheduling tools and time saving automation options allow you to customize your preventive maintenance program to meet your unique needs and workflows.

  • Automate regularly occurring work order creation, assignment, and distribution.
  • Schedule PM work orders based on calendar date, run time, cycle count, or when preventive maintenance activities were last performed.
  • Assign tasks to occur at specific frequencies on a single preventive maintenance work order.
  • Eliminate the need for redundant data entry with multi-equipment work orders.



Managing the Preventive Maintenance Calendar

FTMaintenance helps you balance the workload within the maintenance department by providing a bird's-eye-view of all overdue and planned maintenance. The customizable calendar can be shared with other department managers to improve the relationship between maintenance and production, and ensure maintenance is scheduled when equipment is available.

  • View an easy-to-understand calendar, color-coded by maintenance type.
  • See what's important through multiple schedule views.
  • Easily reassign and reschedule work orders.
FTMaintenance Scheduling Module

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FTMaintenance Maintenance Reports

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Tracking Your Preventive Maintenance Program

Once your preventive maintenance program is in place, you can start to measure its impact. FTMaintenance CMMS software provides you with all the tools necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of your preventive maintenance program.

  • Leverage important data to fine-tune the preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPI) with a variety of built-in or custom reports.
  • Query nearly every field to view exactly the information you want.

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