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Maintenance Management Challenge

Before implementing FTMaintenance, Haggar’s distribution warehouse faced a number of maintenance management challenges.

One challenge was the use of pen and paper or spreadsheets to track maintenance. These methods lack the wide accessibility and automation that modern computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) provide.

Haggar also needed to improve communication with its maintenance technicians. Equipment and parts were referenced by an outdated naming convention that was not meaningful to the staff. When repairs were required, technicians were not sure which machine or part was referenced in their work assignments.

Finally, lack of organization within the maintenance department caused sporadic completion of Preventive Maintenance (PM) work orders, and inventory tracking was nearly impossible.

The Solution

Haggar chose FTMaintenance because of its robust PM scheduling and tracking capabilities. To get their new CMMS software up and running quickly, Haggar utilized FTMaintenance consulting and data importation services.

An FTMaintenance product expert helped Haggar develop a plan for improving the quality of maintenance data in the system. The FTMaintenance consultant helped create a new naming convention for equipment and part records. Then Haggar organized, fine-tuned, and expanded their existing maintenance data. When this data was finalized, the integrated Data Import Utility transferred equipment, inventory, vendor, and employee records into FTMaintenance. Historical data was added to the system using the Attachments feature.

With this imported data, FTMaintenance was used to create preventive maintenance schedules for their equipment, which is organized by location. Haggar also deployed FTMaintenance Service Request and FTMaintenance Mobile. FTMaintenance Service Request allows anyone in the organization to submit work requests, and FTMaintenance Mobile provides technicians with access to common work order management features from internet-connected devices.

The Results

Haggar now benefits from many improvements in their maintenance operations. The new naming conventions help technicians connect the information on their work orders to physical assets. This creates less confusion and reduces the time wasted searching for machines or parts.

One of the greatest improvements to efficiency is in the preventive maintenance schedules. PM schedules are now organized by equipment that is located in designated areas. With this approach, technicians save time by servicing equipment that is in physical proximity to each other, instead of wasting time traveling to equipment that is scattered around the plant.

FTMaintenance Service Request provides Haggar with a single platform to manage maintenance requests throughout the facility. Instead of searching for technicians or sending emails to the facilities manager, anyone can use a simple online form to submit requests. Then, automatic notifications alert the maintenance team of new requests, and communicate their status to the requesters.

FTMaintenance Mobile provides work order management access to technicians in the field. This utility allows technicians to use internet-connected mobile devices to create Demand Maintenance (DM) work orders, view and update their assigned work orders, and close work orders when the jobs are complete.

About Haggar

Haggar began in a one-room office in Dallas, Texas in 1926. Their founding belief is “quality and craftsmanship should be a right, not a privilege”. And after more than 90 years of style, quality, and comfort, Haggar has become a leading manufacturer of men’s apparel. Haggar is recognized as the number one selling dress pant brand in America, and introduced innovations like 100% wrinkle-free cotton pants and no iron khakis.

Consulting and data importation services helped Haggar make the transition to FTMaintenance and improve their preventive maintenance activities.
Dallas, TX

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