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Maintenance Management Challenge

A challenge faced by many manufacturers when deploying new Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) is training their teams on the new technologies. The employees may be talented maintenance technicians, but they may not be familiar with software systems.

Crown Poly’s CMMS challenge is two-fold: 1) Get new technicians up to speed with FTMaintenance and its processes and procedures, and 2) Provide ongoing FTMaintenance training for the experienced staff to ensure the software is used correctly.

The Solution

Crown Poly takes advantage of FTMaintenance on-site training classes, held regularly at their manufacturing facility. Classes for beginning and power users give technicians hands-on experience with FTMaintenance in an instructor-led learning environment. Technicians follow along with the instructor on training laptops, and independently complete exercises that reinforce learned concepts.

Crown Poly also refreshes training on a regular basis for maintenance staff as they may need reinforcement on proper allocation of parts or other specifics. Catherine Browne, General Manager, gives FTMaintenance training staff high marks in terms of clarity, communication, and answering questions.

The Results

FTMaintenance training helps the technicians at Crown Poly use the software more effectively. “Our mechanics can utilize FTMaintenance because it is simple enough for them to enter data, but sophisticated enough for us to gain value from reports and data,” says Browne.

Benefits received from training include increased efficiency and accountability of the maintenance team, controlling parts costs, and ensuring fewer to no out of stocks with accurate inventory tracking. The company has also improved its ability to analyze trends in equipment performance history and reduce production downtime by scheduling targeted preventive maintenance or even machine redesign.

This same equipment history helps all technicians review previous machine maintenance. The powerful FTMaintenance query tool allows workers to quickly find information about parts in inventory, like quantities on hand, stockroom locations, and on what machines parts are used. Additionally, work order attachments provide additional written and photographic details about maintenance.

About Crown Poly

Crown Poly, based in Huntington Park, California, is a global market leader providing innovative and environmentally friendly plastic bagging solutions for grocers and consumers. For more than twenty-five years, Crown Poly’s revolutionary products like the Pull-N-Pak® produce bagging system and the strong reusable Hippo Sak® have been industry standards.

"Our mechanics can utilize FTMaintenance because it is simple enough for them to enter data but sophisticated enough for us to gain value from reports and data." - Catherine Browne, General Manager
Crown Poly
Huntington Park, CA

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