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How Ranger Boats Uses FTMaintenance CMMS

Keeping a detailed history of demand and preventive maintenance work orders, along with tracking inventory and labor costs, facilitates better maintenance management. While FTMaintenance features and capabilities are universal, customers find unique ways of utilizing them to work best for their business. One thing all of these features have in common is that they are straightforward. Cindi Lindley, the Maintenance Coordinator at Ranger Boat’s corporate office, says “FTMaintenance is great for small businesses because it’s very user-friendly. It’s also really nice for tracking things.”

Considering that all the departments in the company go to Cindi with maintenance requests, this is good to hear. She distributes the work orders for all three plants, giving direction to the technicians for work order fulfillment. Additionally, each maintenance supervisor has access to reporting in FTMaintenance. They track inventory and labor costs, which they did not have the ability to do before using the software.

Since joining the company, Cindi ensures that FTMaintenance is updated every time a new version becomes available. From the start, the FTMaintenance support team provided her with detailed answers to any questions she had, serving as a sidekick and explaining everything needed for her to feel comfortable using FTMaintenance. She will also soon oversee work orders created in FTMaintenance at a new Ranger Boats plant location.

The maintenance department has also found FTMaintenance Service Request to be user-friendly and useful to their entire staff. Employees in the company outside of the maintenance department can use this application to submit detailed requests for service in a matter of a few clicks. It allows those making requests for maintenance work to monitor the status of each job without having to ask the maintenance team where things are at in the process. FTMaintenance Service Request also assists Cindi with prioritizing maintenance requests.

Solutions and Results with FTMaintenance

Since 2016, the maintenance department has been able to record 400% more work orders per month than before they implemented FTMaintenance. While the amount of repairs that arise has stayed roughly the same, they did not have a record of all of them before they had FTMaintenance. Ranger Boats used to only estimate the amount, type, and cost of demand maintenance jobs they completed per month. Now that all of their demand maintenance (DM) work orders are being logged, they are able to accurately report the patterns that develop to upper management. FTMaintenance Service Request allows them to better track, document, and prioritize these work orders. They are also able to more accurately calculate costs and better visualize the needs of each plant location.

Ranger Boats is also tracking inventory consistently now, whereas before they had to rely on word of mouth and physical inventory counts. While they still have those things, they are back-ups to automated inventory tracking in FTMaintenance CMMS. By creating detailed, automated records, maintenance manager Ryan Hogan’s job has been made considerably easier. He is able to see cost tracking by date—on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The maintenance department can also see the average length of time it takes to complete various jobs such as changing a light bulb or inspecting a machine. The Ranger Boats maintenance team likes that they can see everything that’s coming in and going out.

Since everyone on the maintenance staff is fully trained on FTMaintenance, they are able to do things such as add equipment by plant location. Managers enjoy the ability to create helpful shortcuts to make it easier for maintenance technicians to complete work orders efficiently.

About Ranger Boats

Founded in 1968, Ranger Boats recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. After building the first six boats in Flippin, Arkansas their brand became well-known among fisherman across the U.S. They have since pioneered innovative fishing boat technology and implemented new industry standards. Just two of these standards include safety foam material for the U.S. Coast Guard’s floatation devices and an aerated livewell for the release of fish after a tournament. Ranger Boats started the Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) Tour. Today, they continue to build the best quality, strongest-performing fishing boats available, including bass, saltwater, multi-species, and pontoon boats. Ranger Boats has been an FTMaintenance customer since 2014.

“FTMaintenance is great for small businesses because it’s very user-friendly. It’s also really nice for tracking things.” - Cindi Lindley, Maintenance Coordinator
Ranger Boats
Flippin, Arkansas

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