Inventory Management


With FTMaintenance, inventory management becomes simple. No longer will you worry about inaccurate part counts, out-of-stock occurrences, or managing inventory in multiple locations. FTMaintenance manages your MRO inventory from start to finish.


FTMaintenance Inventory Module - Quantity Tab

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Inventory Control and Part Tracking

FTMaintenance inventory tracking software makes it easy to keep accurate inventory counts and track maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventory across a single or multiple locations. Automated features ensure that inventory counts are kept up-to-date and that consumable parts are available when and where they're needed.

  • Instantly find vital part information such as stockroom location, quantity on hand, unit cost, and more.
  • Easily identify where parts are used and what jobs they're assigned to.
  • Automatically update inventory counts and track costs.
  • Improve data entry and productivity using barcode scanners.




No inventory management system is complete without a way to track vendors or suppliers. FTMaintenance store all your supplier information so that it can be easily associated with your MRO inventory.

  • Store vendor contact information for easy reference.
  • Optimize orders to increase usage of your preferred low cost parts suppliers.
  • Easily identify local vendors that can quickly expedite parts when needed.
FTMaintenance Vendor and Associate Parts

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Automatically Generated Inventory Reorder List

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Purchasing and Receiving

Inventory management comes full circle with the purchasing and receiving capability of FTMaintenance. The CMMS automatically alerts you when it's time to reorder parts and allows you to easily generate requisitions and purchase orders. Inventory counts can then be updated as soon as parts arrive.

  • Receive automatic notifications when parts need to be reordered.
  • Create requisitions in one click.
  • Automatically populate a list of parts to be reordered.
  • Easily view past and pending inventory purchases.

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