Maintenance Management Defined

The textbook definition of maintenance management is an orderly process to control the maintenance resources and activities required to preserve assets at, or repair them to, an acceptable working order. But, you probably didn’t come here to read from a textbook, did you? Chances are you are looking for more than a simple definition. Let’s explore maintenance management further.

What Is Maintenance Management?

One of the biggest responsibilities maintenance teams have is to keep facilities and equipment running. Every company takes a different approach to ensure these assets remain operational. Some choose the firefighting method, waiting until a machine breaks down before they fix it. As the term “firefighting” suggests, the circumstances surrounding this type of maintenance can be chaotic. Maintenance teams are often left wondering when the next breakdown will occur. While this can place a burden on maintenance technicians, it is one common way repairs are carried out.

For others, the goal is to prevent failure by looking for signs of wear and tear before a problem occurs. This may be done by performing regular inspections or analyzing data to anticipate malfunctions. Though these methods require careful forethought and planning, they make maintenance activities more predictable.

Both are acceptable maintenance processes and are often used in combination with one another. Yet, each involves a different amount of time and money. Organizations must be able to decide which methods to use and when. They must also ensure the appropriate resources are in place to carry out maintenance activities. This is maintenance management.

Through maintenance management, overall maintenance costs are minimized through efficient use of maintenance resources. Parts can be obtained in advance, assignments can be distributed more appropriately, and work can be scheduled when it’s least disruptive to facility operations. Because there are so many moving pieces—personnel, machines, inventory, scheduling, and more—you need a way to organize, manage, and store data about your maintenance activities.

Maintenance Management Software

That’s where a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)—such as FTMaintenance—comes in. CMMS is software designed to manage maintenance activities and resources while keeping detailed maintenance records of all assets within an organization. Regardless of what maintenance practices you use, having this data at your fingertips makes the process of maintenance management more efficient. In fact, companies that adopt a CMMS can improve their overall efficiency by up to 65%.

Maintenance teams reap many benefits from using CMMS software. Whether you want to reduce machine downtime, save money on repairs, streamline your day-to-day workflow, or all of the above, a CMMS such as FTMaintenance will help you reach these goals. CMMS is the foundation of good maintenance management.

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